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Our Clients

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Harlequin started out around 56 years ago with founder Colin Philips. Now owned and managed by husband and wife team; Tony and Jacqui.  The business has changed and morphed over the years but a lot of its overriding principels of fairness, value for money, quality of work, in an atmosphere of partnership and solution building for long term relationships exists today. Harlequin Creative enjoys a high percentage of word of mouth referrals for business; in fact this is the core of our existence.

Harlequin works across many industry sectors from start ups to corporations, tailoring its services to fit a clients needs. This can result in the need for many types of work and creative skills with many different styles of outcome; fulfilling the vision of the customer and there specific needs.

Our clients also contact us for intrim fixes or assistance when a project needs to be brought on line or when a new member of staff is being considered. It is often cost effective to get assistance during an intrim period to help get the ball rolling to assist in a new meber of staff haviong a clear handover to maximise results on starting the new rols. Harlequin is often asked to act as a one stop shop, outsorced Marketing dept. which can take the form of a block hourly booking or a number of days per month.

Here you will find a small selection of our clients and the output from the company. It should also be noted that some of our larger businesses prefer to remain anonomous and not be featured on our site; a situation which we respect.

Some of the work on display is historical and perhaps not what would be produced if the work was carried out today but does show a long history in artwork production, a core of the original Harlequin business which started life as typesetters and designers.

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Don't ignore the massive growth and the need to leverage Social Networks to grow business. Go look for a business in your sector to see how they are using this media. No time? then why not let us manage your profile for you?

Don't leave it to chance, let Harlequin Creative Ltd. help you with your Sales and Marketing challenge. Be it Strategic, or a one off challenge, a logo design, a brochure or a web site, we have the experience and the skill to help you on the right track. If you don't find what you are looking for why not give us a call to discuss your requirements. You'll find us plain talking and solution focussed to help within budget on time and to requirement. The content of this web site is constantly changing so make sure you check back soon, we will be adding special promotional materials and offers to help your business grow.

We look forward to working with you.